Printing & Framing



There are many ways of putting image to paper. From pencil to paint, from ink and dye to plates, metals, silvers, platinum and chemicals – imaging is constantly evolving. The number of processes is almost endless. Today, there are photo labs, commercial printers, photocopiers, offset presses for large quantity runs, wide format presses for billboards, and more. Each method has its individual merits and fulfills its purpose admirably.

Our Fine Art Rock 'n Roll Prints are a different entity, however. They demand special care and the highest respect for the image, the process and the final print, as well as an unrelenting attention to detail. The James Fortune Archive Rock 'n Roll Prints are produced only through the exacting premium process known as Archival Pigment Prints.

Archival Pigment prints are printed with archival pigment inks on archival Fine Art paper. They are produced from digital files and offer continuous tones, smooth transitions and a vibrant, true-to-life color range. The process originated in the late 1980s and is respected by Fine Art experts, world-renowned galleries and passionate collectors. Since the inception of this process, technological advancements have led to higher resolution prints, highly archival pigments and inks, and a more environmentally-friendly print process. Prints are produced on Fine Art paper with matte and baryta finishes. We choose the Archival Pigment process because our color and black and white images that warrant the most artistic approach to printmaking. (Archival Pigment prints may also be referred to as Iris prints or Giclées.)

Our images are printed by professionals who are masters of their craft. Our collective respect for each image — from the instant it is captured to the moment it is produced — is clearly evident in each print.


All print are part of a hand numbered and signed limited edition series. 

Print Size Edition Size
11 x 14 99
16 x 20 199
20 x 20 199
20 x 24 99
24 x 24 25
24 x 36 25
30 x 30 25
40 x 40 25
40 x 48 25


Fine Art not only stimulates the eye, but the mind as well. It needs to be observed, analyzed, discussed, reflected upon and, of course, preserved. We want your Fine Art prints to last and to bring years of enjoyment.

The James Fortune Archive offers two framing options: Standard and Conservation framing.


Our standard framing option features high quality black wood frame with precision-cut conservation matting. It is finished with clear acrylic plexiglass to ensure protection of the Fine Art print.


This is the ideal framing format for Fine Art photography. Our conservation frames are made of specially milled premium hardwoods. They are hand finished with natural dye, ink and wax.  Prints are matted with acid-free 8-layer white matting and mounted on conservation backing. They feature museum-grade UV Plexiglas to ensure harmful light has a minimal effect on the artwork and prolong the life of the archival photography. Their clean, black look adds character to the finished product while not drawing attention away from the image.


When framing, there is always the choice of what glass to use. The most common is clear acrylic or glass. As a standard, we use UV Conservation Acrylic in all our frames. This UV-filtering, museum-grade Plexiglas ensures harmful light has a minimal effect on the artwork. Choosing Plexiglas over glass is beneficial in that it is both lighter and safer. Heavy glass can crack and break, and pose danger as a result. It is important to note that, for caring and cleaning, do not use glass cleaning sprays or dry cloths as they will damage and scratch the surface of the acrylic. Harmful light has a minimal effect on the artwork.


All matting and backings are 100% acid free, fully archival conservation materials. Our 8-layer conservation matting is white and specially chosen to work within the tonal family of the paper being used for the print.

There are less expensive, non-conservation options available that provide a similar look but do not guarantee the print will remain unharmed or meet archival standards. We take pride in offering the finest conservation materials. 


Each print is hand signed and numbered by the photographer, James Fortune.